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PPM Accelerate

Not only we deliver IT projects but we also assist our clients to initiate the right projects, thereby improving IT overall performances through IT investments’ optimisation.

In order to improve Project Portfolio management we recommend the following cyclic three steps approach:
1-      Analyse the current state: PPM Accelerate
2-      Develop a plan based on the recommendations and suggested actions
3-      Execute the developed plan regarding the recommendations

This service offering is to analyze the existing IT projects portfolio management process and compare it to a set of proven PPM best practices through benchmark studies. Then we provide a detailed report with specific recommendations on the PPM challenges and recommended actions to improve the PPM process.

Beyond the delivery of the analysis report (the PPM accelerate service offering), we are available to support our client in planning and implementing the recommended actions to improve the PPM process which are steps 2 and 3.

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