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Cloud Computing

Your concerns:

How can I be more agile and deliver IT infrastructure quickly, in minutes instead of weeks or months?
How can I shift IT Capital expenses to Operational expenses to improve my cash flow?
How can I deliver the right capacity to fulfill the business applications needs making sure I pay only for what I use?

Solution3P human resources - Cloud Computing

Our solution

Our experts help you:

Determine which Cloud Computing model fulfill your needs.

Solution3P human resources - Cloud Computing
This is by reviewing the service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) as well as the deployment models (Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds).

Determine the right solution for your requirements.

Our experts review your requirements and propose the best architecture taking into account the operation as well as the governance aspects.
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Plan and Implemente the solution.

We help you build the plan and implemente it.
Solution3P career success

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