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About us


We assist our clients’ IT department to create value and achieve business objectives Solution3P is an IT consulting firm based in Montreal, Canada. Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients to reduce IT costs and stabilize their information system, making sure that each IT initiative is aligned to the business strategy, thereby creating value and achieving business objectives. We are proud to help our clients create business value through the delivery of IT solutions and we strive to become trusted advisors to our clients.
We endeavor to promote best-in-class practices taking into account each client’s specific environment, needs and challenges.
We are sensitive to our clients’ data. Thus, we are dedicated to work with our clients to not only protect confidential data but also to increase the awareness toward information security.

Our approach:

align IT and business™

In today’s challenging markets and the ever-evolving world with IT tools and business models, we came to the conclusion that the key success factor to create value and achieve business goals is: align IT and business™.
Why do we aim to align IT and business™?
First of all, nowadays, Information Technology has become so advanced that it should no longer be considered as a simple tool for businesses, but as a partner and ally who is able to play a key role in optimizing business models.
Secondly, today’s markets are very challenging and require, more than ever, costs savings as much as possible.
So, align IT and business™ will help the business to know the potential of information technology and IT to know more thoroughly the business, in order to come up with optimized business models and save costs as much as possible while creating value and achieving business goals.

How do we align IT and business™?
The Solution we recommend to align IT and business™ is to improve the following three areas, 3Ps:
Portfolio management, including project and program management
Processes, especially with regards to the operations, the ITSM
Partnerships, Internal IT & Business Partnerships as well as External Partnerships
Not only we strive to provide the best professional services which lead to align IT and business™, but we are dedicated to work with our clients to promote best-in-class practices with regards to Portfolio, Process and Partnership management, during our engagements and afterwards.

Our people:

Our consultants are experienced, certified and inspired by challenging tasks Our consultants are highly qualified, experienced, certified, and are dedicated to making sure that our clients are satisfied during our engagements, and afterwards. Our consultants are inspired by challenging tasks and are not only committed to figure out alternatives to overcome the encountered issues and identified risks, but also to turn recommendations into actions and implement solutions that are appropriately tailored to the client’s needs.

Our values:

Integrity: we demonstrate honesty and transparency in our actions
Respect: we aim to be respectful in our communications and behaviours
Accountability: we are accountable for our engagements